Your vibes at work: Why you might want to trust your paranoia

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to brush off your intuition as being paranoia. You’re at work and you feel anxious for no reason. You think your boss or a colleague is out to get you. Or you find yourself thinking that you should dust off your resume and start exploring other career options.

Clearly this makes sense if your company is firing people left and right or if there has been a threat of looming layoffs. But what if everything seems to be going well. Are you just being a worry-wart?

There are a couple of things to consider if you’re wondering if this is intuition at play. First, are you normally an anxious person? If you always worry, then you’re likely just reading a negative outcome into your current situation.

Second, do you have a negative view of your workplace in general? If you’ve always hated your job, chances are you’re projecting. In fact, a Spirit Guide may be ushering in negative thoughts to help you to take action. After all, if you’ve always hated your job, why aren’t you doing something to change your situation?

Third, is there a person that your negative vibes seem to revolve around? For example, do you feel nervous or anxious every time you’re around a particular person? There’s a good chance that person has it out for you or may be sending off negative vibes toward you and you are simply picking those thoughts up.

Fourth, are you going through a particularly stressful time at work? Some professions are naturally busy or more stressful at certain times. Think of an accounting firm in March and April. If your anxiety is taking place during a naturally stressful time for your company, you may simply be channeling that anxiety in foreboding feelings about the future.

To determine whether your vibes are on point, spend some time meditating or journaling. Don’t rush to judgment. If there’s a colleague that you trust, ask them if they’re picking up a similar vibe. While you don’t want to be irrational, your intuition is there to give you an edge in your personal and professional life. Make sure you use it.

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