Your manifestation-blocking strategy

chainsHow are you keeping your manifestations at bay? You’ve been talking about how much you want that job, that mate, that money… So what are you doing to keep it from coming to you? Are you truly ready for it to happen today? Right now?

I was speaking to someone who was trying to manifest a mate. She was reading the right books, doing the visualizations and practicing gratitude. However, she was always complaining about how messy her home was, particularly her bedroom and the more private areas of the house. I asked her if she manifested that mate today, would she allow him into her home and in particular her bedroom. She said, “no, of course not. I’d have to totally clean up that portion of my house.” I wondered why she didn’t clean that portion of her house today. If she truly believed she would manifest a mate, she’d prepare for it now. In fact, the act of maintaining a messy house when she knew that would keep her from moving forward with a potential mate was a method of keeping her manifestations from coming true.

Then there’s the person who has been talking incessantly about manifesting money and a career as an entrepreneur. She keeps saying she needs to organize her office space and create a structured environment to work in. Yet she hasn’t taken the time to organize her home office, and she hasn’t set aside time each day to work on her business. By not creating the time or the space — something she believes she needs — she isn’t preparing for work that is to come. So if the work did come, she would not have the time or structure to deal with it. If she isn’t preparing, that means she doesn’t believe it’s coming. She’s keeping her manifestations away.

What is it you want to manifest? If it were to happen today would you be ready? Do you believe you have to prepare for it? Do you believe you have to do something in order for it to come to fruition, whether it’s losing weight, healing a past hurt or cleaning your house? If you do believe that there’s something you must do before your manifestation can come true, then you’re holding your manifestations at bay. So what should you? Do that thing that you think you need to do before the manifestation can come true right now. This very minute. Lose the weight, clean the house, set aside an hour each day.

Once you’re truly ready for your manifestation RIGHT NOW, you’ll find that you’re no longer waiting for it to show up.


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