Yes, you should trust your pet’s vibes

There are so many reasons why we love our pets. They are loyal, they love us unconditionally and they always have a knack for lifting our spirits up. But there’s another huge benefit that we get from our four-legged and furry companions. Their vibes are on point, and unlike humans, they have no problem trusting them.

Pay attention to the reaction your pet has to the people in your life. If you’re single and dating, notice how your pet responds to a potential partner. Does your pet act differently around that person than they act around others?

For example, if your cat stays away from everyone that visits and also stays away from your date, I wouldn’t think much of that. However, if your cat stays away from everyone that visits, but immediately brushes herself against the leg of your date, consider that a great sign. On the flip side, if the cat is friendly with everyone, but he stops dead in his tracks and stays away when he sees your date, proceed with caution with that relationship. Perhaps your pet will warm up over time; note how that relationship evolves.

Pets are also good at picking up on our moods. Pay attention to your pet’s mannerisms around family members. Your pet may pick up on the fact that your child has the blues before you do. Your pet may seek your child out and spend more time with the child, in an attempt to offer emotional support. Recognizing that your child is having a tough emotional time can give you the opportunity to ask your child what’s going on and be a supportive parent.

You can also learn from watching your pets. There are signs that someone sending off bad vibes and your pet is likely an expert at picking up on them.

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