Why your Spirit Guides are not communicating with you

Have you ever wanted guidance from a Spirit Guide only to feel let down that you were not getting it? The truth is, you can always receive guidance from your Spirit Guides, but there could be things you are doing that are blocking the flow.

First of all, it is important to know that we all have Spirit Guides. These are spiritually-evolved beings who want to help us in our own spiritual evolution. Our Spirit Guides want what is best for us, and they look out for us and are here to help us. Most of us have multiple Spirit Guides, though all of them may not work with us all of our lives. Some work with us for certain periods or they work with us on certain life lessons.

So if we all have Spirit Guides, then why might you feel like you’ve never experienced a Spirit Guide connection?

One of the biggest reasons that a Spirit Guide doesn’t seem to be communicating with us is because we haven’t asked. Spirit Guides will not take over your life, and they will not go against your wishes. They will typically¬†wait for you to ask them for guidance before helping you out. There are some exceptions to this. If you are in a dire situation, don’t be surprised if your Spirit Guide intervenes in order to save you or get you back on the right path. Anytime you want more communication with your Spirit Guide, simply ask for it.

Another reason you might not notice communication with your Spirit Guide is because you are too busy running around doing things to notice it. Spirit Guides communicate with us in subtle ways. There will be no burning bush or no trumpet announcing a Spirit Guide’s arrival. Rather you might notice a slight physical sensation or have an uncommon thought. If you’re too busy filling your time and your life with stuff, you can easily miss what your Spirit Guide is trying to tell you.

Doubt can also get in the way of communicating with your Spirit Guides. Do you have doubts that your Guides exist? Sometimes people who have been brought up in fundamental religions believe that it is sinful to communicate with beings other than God or a minister or rabbi. Not true, but that belief can keep you from wanting to communicate with your Spirit Guide on a subconscious level even if you consciously believe that you want to.

So how can you put this knowledge to use? Ask your Spirit Guides to communicate with you. Then give yourself time and space to receive that communication. Meditation is a wonderful way to clear your mind and open the channel between you and your Spirit Guides. Also, pay attention to your thoughts and look out for doubts that may be blocking the blessing of a wonderful relationship with one or more of your Spirit Guides.

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