Why the Law of Attraction is NOT wishful thinking

A recent Huffington Post blog post discusses how the Law of Attraction can keep people rooted in fear. The post, written by licensed psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, compares the Law of Attraction to the concept of wishful thinking, and the author writes: “for years I’ve dreamed of having big biceps. I’ve envisioned these biceps for years. To this day, they remain thin. Did I not wish for them hard enough? I don’t think so. My guess is that, if I would set aside time, consult a trainer and get pumping, I would get a little definition to my biceps. You can’t wish your biceps bigger.”

change thoughtsAlpert has a point. Simply imagining bigger biceps isn’t going to make bigger biceps magically appear. Simply imagining bigger biceps is, indeed, wishful thinking — or even magical thinking. But the Law of Attraction is not wishful thinking or magical thinking. Alpert is missing a key point of the Law of Attraction, which is that in order to attract something into your life, you must feel and act as if it already is true. That means, I don’t simply visualize myself with bigger biceps — though that is certainly one of the first steps you can take toward attracting your goal. I must go further than that. I must get to the point where I feel and know that I already have big biceps. And that means I’m going to act like I have big biceps. If I had big biceps, chances are I’d be working out daily to keep them that way. If I already have big biceps, that means I already have embraced a diet and exercise routine to make it so. That means I’m doing those things as if the biceps were already a reality. And by doing those things, I’ve attracted the outcome that I desire.

People who quote The Secret and believe that The Secret is the key to understanding the Law of Attraction are missing the point and don’t understand the Law of Attraction. Thoughts are important when it comes to the Law of Attraction, but your feelings, beliefs and vibration are more important. You can think all the positive thoughts you want and say all the positive affirmations you’d like to say and you’ll still attract the outcome that resonates with the fears or doubts that are in your heart.

If you want to learn what The Secret fails to tell you, Dr. Robert Anthony is a Law of Attraction guru who the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, waned to participate in the project but he said ‘no.’ He thought  that The Secret was too simplistic.

Instead, he created his own program,  The Secret of Deliberate Creation, a Law of Attraction training system that provides the crucial information that The Secret and so many other Law of Attraction systems fail to deliver. You have to feel and believe something rather than simply thinking it. A positive thought over a negative belief will do nothing to change your life. Anthony’s program  focuses on getting your conscious and subconscious minds to work together, which is what must occur if your desires are to manifest.

If you’ve tried to use Law of Attraction principles and they’re not working, the reason is simple. You don’t really believe what you’re thinking about. You must reprogram those beliefs before the positive thinking will work.  Of course that’s not that easy a task. But Anthony’s program offers a step-by-step approach, so no matter how deep those negative beliefs go.

The Law of Attraction is spiritual law and it does work EVERY TIME when you understand all of the steps. If you’re ready to test that out try Anthony’s program, which will help you to identify your real beliefs and reprogram your mind so that you believe what you want to believe, and only then, will the Law of Attraction truly work. Download The Secret of Deliberate Creation now.


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