Why instant manifestation is rare

When it comes to manifesting, most people want what they want right away, but in most cases, instant manifestation is rare. Think about how many times you’ve wanted something and worked toward it until you’ve become frustrated and given up, only to have it show up out of the blue. If you can understand what’s behind that concept, you’ll understand why instant manifestation is rare and why it doesn’t have to be.

There are a number of reasons why instant manifestation is rare.

  • You have conflicting desires. Many times we want two things that are in conflict. For example, say you want to be in an intimate relationship yet you also want independence and freedom. If you believe that intimate relationships constrict your freedom, then you want two opposite things. Any progress that you make in manifesting the intimate relationship will likely be negated by your desire for independence and freedom. How does his show up in life? Maybe you sabotage your intimate relationships because a part of you is really focused on maintaining independence and freedom. If you realize that you have conflicting desires, you can work to get them more in sync. For example, you could identify couples who have healthy relationships while maintaining a lot of independence and freedom. Once you convince yourself that your desires complement one another, you’ll manifest much faster.
  • You have doubts that you can manifest what you want. One of the keys to manifesting is a belief and expectation that you can create what you want. Thoughts impact reality, and every thought of belief and expectation takes you closer to manifesting what you want. However, every thought of disbelief and doubt takes you further away. If you had 100 percent belief and expectation that something would come about — so much so that you’re not worried about when or how it will happen — you’d likely experience instant manifestation — or something close to it. The times when you ‘give up’ on a manifestation, you’re not wondering if or how it will happen. In fact, at that point, you stop worrying at all whether it will happen so your doubts and disbelief disappear. Without the doubts and disbelief, your manifestaions are able to show up much faster.
  • Your desires evolve. Another reason why instant manifestation is rare is because we often change our thoughts about what we want as our desires evolve. For example, you may want to manifest the ideal job, which in your mind is a job that pays six figures. However, after a bad experience with your manager, your definition of the ideal job may change to encompass a job in which you have a boss that you expect. As your desires change, so do your thoughts, which leads to different levels of clarity. As you become more certain and clear about what you want, you will be able to manifest more quickly.

Why it’s good that instant manifestation is rare

While it’s natural to want things to happen quickly, there is a positive side to manifestation delays. If you achieved instant manifestation, it would likely work both ways, in that you’d quickly manifest things that you have positive thoughts about, as well as things that you have negative thoughts about. If you were worried, for example, that you’d lose your job and run out of money, instant manifestation could put you in a predicament that you do not want to be in before you had an opportunity to adjust your thoughts.

Since most of us have doubts, fears, and conflicting desires, it’s good that we have time to focus our attention and our awareness on what we’re thinking about. That way we can manifest when we’re mentally and emotionally ready.

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