Why affirmations in the shower can get you what you want

showerOne misconception many people have about affirmations is that you can say them once and change the world. Don’t we all wish it could be that easy? Just as it’s fiction that you can lose weight, stop smoking or obtain any goal without any effort, using affirmations requires time, commitment and persistence to yield real results.

One thing that keeps many people from continuing with saying affirmations is that they simply forget. We have so many things to do from day to day that it’s not surprising that certain actions will fall through the cracks. And since there’s no one typically forcing us to do affirmations and there is usually no one to hold us accountable, it’s easy to let that be the one thing that you let slide on a given day.

So how can we avoid this? ¬†Use the shower as your place of repeating affirmations. Not only is it a place where you have privacy (hopefully), but taking a shower is something that you do every day. So when you’re in the shower, you’ll always have time to devote to the action.

It will even likely become a habit after a time. You’ll begin to associate your shower with affirmations and the time that you spend repeating what you want to believe.

You don’t have to repeat your affirmations out loud. You can simply go over them in your head. (Though some believe that saying them out loud helps because you’re not only reciting them, but you’re hearing them. In fact, many believe that you can enhance the power of your affirmations by standing in front of a mirror and stating them.)

The shower can also be viewed symbolically. While you’re refreshing yourself and washing off all of the negativity from your body, you’re showering yourself with new and better thoughts as well. (If you need help crafting your affirmations, Louise Hay offers some in this audio download.)

Plus, showers feel good to us. Think of the warm water raining down on us massaging our muscles and relieving our stress. That’s a great time to introduce affirmations because you’re open, receptive and relaxed. Try it for a couple of weeks and see if you don’t notice a shift in your inner world, which will open the door to change in the outer one.

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