What your messy house says about you

Yes, clutter can drain our moods, but it can also reveal a lot about what’s going on in our inner states. You see, clutter is very metaphysical, as we often create environments that reflect what’s going on inside.

Is your office over-running with paperwork and out of order? Is that your soul’s way of telling you that you’re dissatisfied with your work? Or are you distracting yourself with plenty to do so you never have time to do the things that are most important?

Do you have drawers and closets stuffed to the brim with possessions? Are you afraid to let go of people and circumstances in your life? Are you carrying around a lot of emotional baggage from past relationships?

Are your possessions old and worn and in need of replacement? Are you neglecting your future by focusing too much on your past? Do you have trouble knowing when something has run its course?

Is everything in order except for the pile of bills in the corner? Are you avoiding your financial obligations? Are you uncertain about how to handle your money?

Another reason we may keep things is because our things remind us of people we love. If you’ve ever lost someone either through death or the dissolution of a relationship, you may hold onto things that remind you of the relationship in an attempt to keep the person alive.

Whatever your reason for keeping clutter, remember that clutter is personal and it is emotional. ┬áIf you clear it up all at once, you may find that the mess soon piles up again as your mind hasn’t had a chance to clear up the emotional issues that have sparked the clutter in the first place. Cleaning it effectively may take time as your psyche adjusts to the healing that’s taking place as you bring order to your surroundings and to your mind.


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