What your annoyance can tell you

The next time something annoys you, don’t be so quick to ignore it or brush it off. Often, we take our annoyance for granted. We may think a little annoyance is a part of life, or we may feel like we’re wrong for feeling annoyed. In reality, annoyance is one of the most valuable feelings we can have, as it points us further down the road of what will bring us joy.

When we’re annoyed with something, we’re gaining insight into what we’d rather NOT be experiencing. If you’re a student of the Law of Attraction, that’s contrast, which is beneficial because it shows us what we don’t want so we can then begin to focus on what we do want.

Think about it. If you’re annoyed, you’d prefer that things were different. If a person annoys you, you may prefer that the person act a different way, or you may prefer that you were spending your time with someone else. Of course everyone we spend a lot of time with will annoy us at some point or another so it’s important to consider how often you’re annoyed. If you’re annoyed every once in a while, it may be a sign that you’ve been spending too much time with this person and you need a little space. All relationships can benefit from a little space so in this case, take the lesson to heart.

If you’re annoyed with someone every day you must ask yourself if it’s healthy for this person to be in your life. If it’s someone who you can’t avoid, such as a family member, it may be helpful to seek therapy to find an easier way to get along.

If a situation annoys you, perhaps you’d rather not be a part of that experience. Perhaps some aspect of your job annoys you. Is your soul telling you that you should be sending out resumes? You may also be annoyed with some aspect of your life. For example, if you’re annoyed by the fact that you’re no longer fitting into your clothes, it could be a sign that you desire to eat healthier and lose weight.

Whatever your annoyance is, the key to dealing with it is first acknowledging it, and second, shifting your focus to the situation you would prefer. Then take a step toward that preferred experience and you’ll likely see your annoyance start to subside. When you act on what your emotions are telling you, you benefit from their wisdom.

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