What to do when others don’t believe in you

In an ideal world, we have a wonderful support system who believes in our dreams and encourages us to chase them. However, in reality, we sometimes find that our loved ones not only don’t believe in our dreams but they discourage us from pursuing them. What should we do in that situation?

In many cases our loved ones don’t mean us harm. They may want to protect us from getting hurt by wishing for things that they don’t see as being possible. But luckily, they don’t have to believe in us, we do.

So when these situations occur, we need to find ways to protect our beliefs in our dreams. Here are some ways to go about it.

Protect your dream — and your privacy. When others can’t see what we can see, it’s important to keep them from seeing our progress along the path. When a dream is young, it is fragile and people can trample on it even if they don’t intend to. While you take steps to bring your dream to fruition, keep your ultimate goal a secret from those who don’t understand your vision.

Select a dream team. While it’s ok if some people don’t believe in your dream, it’s important that you surround yourself with at least one other person that does. Hopefully you have at least one loved on who believes in you and who doesn’t judge your optimism. If not, the high-tech world we live in could be an advantage. Look for online groups of like-minded people who you might share your progress with. Spending time with those who support you will help you to get through the tough times and keep you from succumbing to the doubts.

Wear blinders. ┬áHave you ever heard the term seeing the world with ‘rose-colored glasses?’ I love that term because while it’s meant to be an insult, I consider it a compliment. I see what I want to see. The Law of Attraction says that we create what we expect to see. So if I can change my expectations, I can change my creations. When others see the obstacles or challenges in front of me, I choose to wear blinders and see the ultimate outcome that I am creating.

Use naysayers as motivation. Sometimes we can use those who don’t believe in us to our advantage. Wouldn’t it be nice to prove them wrong? Let people say or believe what they want to believe and visualize yourself advising them once you achieve your dream and they ask you how you did it.

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