What are your favorite self-help products?

So what are the self-help books, workshops and programs that have changed your life? Practical Wisdom That Works wants to know because we want to share your successes — and recommendations — with others.

Here at Practical Wisdom That Works, we know that there are so many self-help products out there that claim to do this and that, but we want to help you sort through the garbage and come up with the gems.

In the spirit of the holiday season, let us know what worked for you so we can try them here and let the Practical Wisdom That Works community know. We are all one and when one of us succeeds we all benefit!

Practical Wisdom That Works is also looking for self-help lovers and metaphysicians who are willing to try out different metaphysical products to see if they work. You would be given the product (for free) and we’d simply ask that you try it out (that could mean reading a book, downloading a CD, or trying out an online program). Then we’d want you to write about your experience.

If you’re interested, email mara@practicalwisdomthatworks.com.


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