Want to connect with someone? Infuse your food with intention

vegetarian-mealOne way that we share with people is through cooking. However, many of us take for granted just how intimate a bond cooking for someone can create. Think about it. You’re preparing something for another person to ingest. It will feed their body, but it can also feed their soul.

If you want to bring more love, energy and power to someone, consider setting a positive intention for them as you cook for them. Even if you don’t know who will ultimately eat your food, you can set a positive intention for whoever should ingest your meal.

This concept, ironically, is often used by practitioners of black magic. For example, there is a belief out there that if a man consumes a drop of a woman’s menstrual blood, he will fall in love with her. It is not unheard of for people who subscribe to this belief to add a drop of menstrual blood to spaghetti sauce or some other dish where it won’t be noticed. (Really. Some people go there.)

Perhaps if these people infused their food with positive thoughts rather than their bodily fluids, they would have a better outcome.  (You can read about some other shady types of curses and hexes here. Try them at your own risk, as karma has a way of making itself known.)

But back to cooking and the power of intention. The next time you prepare a meal, clear your mind and visualize what you would like to create in the life of the person who eats it (even if that person is yourself!) Imagine a life of good health and happiness and intend for your food to have the power to create that in the lives of those who eat it.

Think about the tradition of cooking for someone when they are going through a tough time. For example, if someone dies, it’s common for us to create a meal and take it to the home of the family members who are grieving. Take that gesture a step further and send thoughts of peace and healing to the recipient.

Likewise, if you’re cooking for someone who has done wonderful things for you, send thoughts of thanks and gratitude to that person. Cooking is a wonderful way to connect with others not just by breaking bread, but by sharing energy.

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