Using Magick at Work

Whether you love your job or hate it, chances are you spend the majority of your waking hours at work. And since you need to make a living that’s likely not going to change soon. But while you may not be able to quit tomorrow, you can use magickal items such as intuition, crystals, and spiritual law to get in the head of your boss, get along better with colleagues and get ahead in the workplace. Over time that can lead to more money, a promotion or even a better job. Not sure where to start? We’ll show you how.

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Warding off bad vibes in the workplace

Tips for Warding Off Bad Vibes in the Workplace

Bad vibes can not only hinder your productivity and limit your success, but they can cause you to feel bad. You might feel tired, depressed or anxious. Perhaps you feel negative emotion targeted toward you. A colleague may be jealous of you because you received the promotion they wanted, or a co-worker may simply think your success is a threat to them. Some people even have the misfortune of having a boss who is out to get them. What do you do if you’re in this situation? Here is how magick can help.


A Crystal to Help You Get a New Job

One way to get more money is to get a new and better job. While you should definitely be updating the resume and checking in with professional contacts, you can also call on some magickal tools to help.Crystals are one of my favorite ways to focus on a particular intention. Crystals have healing properties and they vibrate at a different energy level than we do. When we spend time with a particular crystal, it can impact our own energetic vibration, which can transform our worlds. We attract things that are at our current vibration. When we change that vibration, we change our world. So how can we change our vibration in a way that will improve our chances of getting a better job? One way is to call on the power of the crystal Aventurine.


Bad Vibes at Work: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

There is a metaphysical cause of every illnessHave you ever gotten bad vibes from a boss or a co-worker at your job? It’s easy to dismiss such a feeling. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to dislike their boss or other people in the workplace. However, you should not ignore it because your vibes could be telling you that someone does not have your best interests in mind.

You can pick up bad vibes anywhere. If you have bad vibes at work, first ask yourself how long you’ve felt this way. If you felt bad vibes the minute you met a manager or a co-worker, you’re likely picking up something intuitively about this person. Perhaps you may even have shared a past life with this person and you could be sensing the residue of unfinished business that was simply not pleasant. Either way, here’s why you should not ignore it.