Tips for warding off bad vibes in the workplace

Warding off bad vibes in the workplaceLove your job or hate it, you spend much of your life in your workplace. And you may not be able to control who else enters and exits your workspace. As a result, you may pick up on bad vibes around you, whether they are coming from clients, colleagues or even your boss.

Bad vibes can not only hinder your productivity and limit your success, but they can cause you to feel bad. You might feel tired, depressed or anxious. Perhaps you feel negative emotion targeted toward you. A colleague may be jealous of you because you received the promotion they wanted, or a co-worker may simply think your success is a threat to them. Some people even have the misfortune of having a boss who is out to get them.

You may even feel like you hate your job, when in reality, it’s the bad vibes that are giving you the negative feelings. By getting rid of those bad vibes, you may find that work gets easier, you may get that promotion you were hoping for and you may even discover that you really love that job that you thought you hated.

So what can you do if you’re sensing bad vibes in the workplace? Here are a few things you can do to take control of your environment.

Start with intention. Intention is key to every successful move you make. When we embrace the power of our spiritual natures, we create miracles. Set the intention that you and your workspace attract only positive energy. Don’t focus on the negative energy at all. Remember, what we focus on grows.

Lure the bad vibes away from you. If bad vibes are coming your way, give them some place else more interesting to go. Fill a glass with water and set the intention that the water attract all of the negative vibes around you. Sit the glass of water on your desk. A water bottle with the cap off can also do the trick. Whatever vessel you use for the water, make sure the top is open so the negative energy can be drawn into it. Do not drink this. At the end of each day, pour the water down the toilet.

Use crystals to repel negative energy. Crystals have so many uses. They can provide healing and they can also provide protection. One crystal that provides protection is black tourmaline. Use it to repel negative energies in your workplace by sitting a piece of black tourmaline on your desk.

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