Tips for warding off bad energy

Dealing with bad energy can be challenging. After all, it’s not something that we can see with our physical eyes, and often people who are less sensitive to subtle energy may even tell you that the ‘bad energy’ is all in your head. You might be picking up bad energy from people if you notice it in the workplace around a particular colleague. Or you might sense bad energy in a house when you venture out to meet the friend of a friend. Whatever the case, you’ll likely wonder why everyone else doesn’t seem to pick up on it.

Picking up on bad energy can affect you in many different ways. It might make you feel tired, sluggish, depressed, nervous, anxious or even physically ill. If coming across bad energy is a new experience for you, you might even shrug it off, thinking you’re just tired or being negative for no particular reason.

So what can you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by bad energy? Naturally, if you can avoid it that’s your best bet. But that could be impossible if the bad energy is in a place that you have to spend time in, such as a workplace. So there are steps you can take to keep the bad energy from trespassing into your own precious aura.

Burning white sage is one of the most popular ways that people keep bad energy away. Sage is an herb  used  for cooking, as well as for medicinal purposes. The process of burning sage is called smudging. When you smudge, the smoke from the sage is believed to carry away negative energy, leaving the space around you clean and purified. Of course, if you’re in the workplace, you might not be able to get away with burning sage without getting a few unwanted looks from uninformed co-workers.

A better solution in the workplace might be to purchase room sprays that are created for that very purpose. For example, the Natural Magick Shop has a room spray called Banishing Room Spray to clear bad energy, as well as other sprays for different purposes such as Love Room Spray and Prosperity Room Spray. (See all of their room sprays here.)

Yet another solution for warding off bad energy is to simply set the intention that the space be rid of negative elements. This is a good solution if the cause of the bad energy is gone, such as if the bad energy came from the person who used to live in your apartment, or the co-worker who has since moved on, leaving their bad energy for you to deal with.  In a metaphysical sense, you’re taking back control over your space, and sending the bad energy away from you.

How will you know that the bad energy is gone? You’ll feel it. You’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel happier, and you’ll have more energy. That will then work wonders in your life.

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