Tips for building self-trust…

We’ve all heard about the wisdom and importance of self-love. But what about self-trust?

How many times have you made a decision only to later change it based on the opinion of someone else? Or have you ever had an idea that was so unique that you couldn’t find anyone who had done it before? If so, did you move forward with the idea or nix it because you had no evidence that it would be met with welcome ears. If you work with your intuition, you are probably all too familiar with the challenges of trusting yourself. You get a gut instinct that goes against all logic, and what do you do? You doubt yourself even though you later realize that you were right.

If you have trouble trusting yourself, it’s ok. You can increase your faith in yourself with the following steps:

Record your hunches. Even if you aren’t ready to follow your instincts, you can write them down. When you feel strongly about something but lack the physical evidence to see if you were right, record it on paper. Later, go back and see if you were right. You’ll likely find that your instincts are more accurate than you thought and you’ll feel more comfortable that your guess isn’t so far-fetched after all.

—Practice non-disclosure. Some of us get into trouble only when we start asking others for advice (and taking their advice over our own). The bigger a decision I have to make, the fewer people I tell about it. That’s because if the stakes are high, I want to take the steps that I want to take rather than take action based on someone else’s well-meaning ideas.

—Follow a hunch a day. Decide that you will follow your instincts about one thing every day. Start small. It could be taking the back way to work because you feel you might run into traffic on the regular route. It could be stopping at the library on your way from work even though you’re not looking for something in particular. The idea is to flex your intuitive muscles while taking some of the focus off of logic. When you’re no longer worried about the ‘whys’ of your actions and focus instead on following your instincts, life becomes a tad more miraculous and you witness how wise you really are.


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