Three things people steal from empaths

If you are an empath, you know what it feels like to be drained by the emotions of others. You may have been called ‘sensitive’ all your life, and it’s very difficult for people who are not empaths to understand just how debilitating crowds, chaos and even excitement in some cases can be. Not only do empaths pick up on the feelings of others, but they also seem to attract those who are looking for energy to drain.

Energy is one of the biggest things that people take from empaths. A person who perceives him or herself as a victim and wants someone to complain to will see the empath as someone who can literally feel that pain. Also, empaths who don’t understand how to protect their boundaries often take on some of the negative energy of those they are around so an energy vampire will literally feel better after leaving an empath’s presence. So it’s no surprise that the energy vampire will be back when he or she has more heavy emotions to drop.

Energy isn’t the only thing people take from empaths. People also sap an empath’s time. Again, because empaths feel the pain of others and they are sensitive, they may want to help. And as an empath, you may have the best intentions, but it’s not always your job to help someone or to try to make them whole. Perhaps a person who is depressed needs to visit a counselor. Perhaps you can suggest ways for someone in need to get help that doesn’t always involve you. That’s not being mean. Your time is valuable and you must use it wisely.

Another thing that people often take from empaths believe it or not is money. Once again, people find it easy to play on the sensitivity and emotions of empaths. If you know someone is going through a hard time financially — and trust me, you will know if you are an empath because you will feel their financial desperation — you may be tempted to help out.

There is nothing wrong with giving and helping others, but when you do so at your own expense — and hurt yourself in the process — you’re violating the rules of self-care.  Make sure you give only what you can afford to give, and make sure the person is not taking advantage of you because of your sensitivity.

Being an empath is not the easiest role to take on in life, but it can be rewarding. You also have increased psychic ability, and you’re able to understand people in a way that others cannot.

However, it’s important that empaths learn to protect themselves from others. Even though others may not have bad intentions, they may overstep the sensitive boundaries that you as an empath have in place. It’s important to learn ways to protect yourself as an empath. Click here to learn more about how to thrive as an empath.

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