Think you found a soulmate? Some ways to tell

soulmatesThere are many misconceptions about soulmates. One of the biggest is that you have only one, and that person is your ideal romantic partner. The truth is we have many soulmates that we engage with lifetime after lifetime. We may have stronger connections with some than with others, and we may, indeed, have a romantic relationship with a soulmate, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

In the book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, Newton describes sessions in which he used hypnosis to help clients remember the period between lives. During those sessions, many clients talked about meeting up with soulmates between lives, and how they would plan to interact with their soulmates during their different lifetimes. Sometimes they were married to a soulmate; other times soulmates were friends or family members. In some lifetimes, a soulmate might even have been an enemy.

In all cases, the soulmate connection has a purpose, and that is to help each soul to evolve. Since soulmate connections are so important to each soul’s evolution, those relationships can often be very intense. You may feel like you’ve known the person forever even though you just met them, but that’s because on a soul level, you have known the person forever. In these cases, your spirit recognizes what your logical mind can’t see.

It is also very common to come away from a soulmate relationship with a great realization about your life, or with some new insight. That’s because during that time between lives, soulmates often agree to come into each others’ lives for the express purpose of helping each other to move forward in powerful and important ways.

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