The reason your manifesting has not worked…

frustration2So have you been trying for a while now to manifest something and it just hasn’t come to fruition?

Maybe you’ve been working your tail off to get that promotion. Or you’ve been visualizing yourself getting a raise only to find out your company’s undergoing a pay-freeze. (The nerve of them!) Or you’re still single despite the fact that you’ve created a vision board with your single, attractive neighbor’s face posted on it. So what are you doing wrong? And how can you correct yourself so you can start manifesting the life that you want?

For those suffering manifestation frustration, all is not lost.


Dr. Nicole Cutts, a success coach in Washington, DC, has a very interesting viewpoint as to why your manifesting efforts may not be getting the results that you want. You may not be as bad of a manifester as you think.

Check out the video blogpost below and also check out Rex, the wise canine that helped Dr. Cutts reach her conclusion.


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