The Problem With The Secret

I’m a big believer in synchronicity, so when I come across multiple people in a 30-day span that tell me that they recently discovered The Secret and they’ve become fascinated with the concept, I have to pay attention. Particularly because I think there’s a big problem with  Rhonda Byrne’s book and movie The Secret and the message that it conveys (or that it doesn’t convey).

the secretThis site is dedicated to the discovery of Spiritual Laws, and the Law of Attraction is one of them. The Secret is about the Law of Attraction, and it provides an introduction to the concept from a beginner’s standpoint.

That, in itself, is something to appreciate about The Secret. As a follower of Spiritual Laws, I know that it is critically important to give appreciation where appreciation is due. In fact, the Law of Gratitude is an important Spiritual Law that says that gratitude is a major part of our creation process. So I’m grateful that The Secret has introduced many people to the concept of the Law of Attraction and led many to explore the concept further.

What The Secret Is Missing

However, The Secret falls short in a major way. It focuses on the power of thoughts and affirmations and teaches that if we simply change our thoughts, our lives will be transformed. That’s not exactly false, but it’s not exactly true either.

What if we start repeating affirmations and forcing ourselves to think about how beautiful we are, yet, inside, we don’t feel beautiful. Inside, we feel damaged, we feel unloved and we feel flawed. We’re doing all of the things that The Secret is telling us to do. We’re thinking nice thoughts and we’ve even taped a list of affirmations to our bathroom mirror where we can see them every day. Will my life reflect those aspirations and those conscious thoughts as The Secret leads you to believe? No. It will reflect the feelings that I have deep down, and the subconscious thoughts that fuel them.

The Secret is missing an important ingredient. It doesn’t deal with emotion. When you read The Secret, the areas of your life that you’re already good at will likely improve. After all, you probably already feel pretty good about those areas of your life because you’re doing ok in them. If you’re relatively successful in your career, you’ll probably see a career boost after reading The Secret since you’ll learn to focus your already positive thoughts about your career.

However, the areas of your life that are the most upsetting to you, and those that you want to change the most will likely not get any better. Why? Because those are the areas where you probably have a lot of subconscious doubts and fears. Those are areas where your subconscious thoughts are probably different from your conscious thoughts. Those are the areas where you likely must do some emotional healing before you can truly change your thoughts and feelings about the subject and attract what you want.

Obviously, The Secret couldn’t teach you everything about the Law of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne would have needed many more pages to get into healing and how important it is to heal yourself when you’re transforming your thought process about a particular area. Luckily, there are plenty of other resources that are available to pick up where Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret left off.

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