The manifestation lag…

If you have ever done any work with the Law of Attraction, you probably recognize this scenario: You’ve been working to manifest something and you see major progress. You come really close. You see it coming!!!  And then, everything stops.

You might be trying to manifest that break for your business and you’re about to close the big deal when it abruptly goes south. You may be working toward attracting that ideal relationship and things are looking good with that special person when he or she suddenly disappears. I’ve had my share of experiences like this, and my clients tell me stories all the time about how they thought they’d finally reached their goal when all progress just stopped.

What I’ve realized is that this is all part of the process. When you’re close to making a manifestation breakthrough, it’s common for it to fall apart. The things that have been hardest for you to manifest are things that you have had unproductive thought patterns about in the past. Think about it. If something comes easy to you, you don’t sweat it. But that financial security that has eluded you, or that promotion that never seems to fall in your hands has led you to at times have doubts and concerns.

Even after you’ve worked to raise your vibration and change your thinking patterns about the things you want so badly,  there are still little subconscious pockets of doubt in your mind. So those moments when your progress does an about-face are just instances in which your doubt has temporarily won out.

But note that I said temporarily. At this point we have a choice. We can either lament that all of this Law of Attraction mumbo jumbo is for naught and give up. Or we can practice faith. Faith in our ability to attract the money, the job, the relationship, the life that we want. Faith that it truly is around the corner, even though it’s temporarily blocked from our physical view.  And let go of the need for that current manifestation to be the fulfillment of the dream. When the deal falls through, make peace with it and start thinking about the next deal that’s on the way. When the budding relationship seems to drift out of your hands, let go of the need for that relationship to work because a better one is right behind it. When the money you thought was yours ends up in the hands of someone else, acknowledge that maybe that is, in fact, their money and yours is coming via another source.

When you look out on your manifestation progress and note the lag, don’t dwell in disappointment. Know that you are so close to your manifestation — remember, you could practically see it, taste it and feel it — that all you need to do now is practice the faith that it will continue to unfold for you. At this point your work is done, and the universe is asking: Do you really believe what you say you believe? By taking a deep breath, and saying, ‘Yes’, you’ll release that last rocket of emotional energy that’s needed to  bring your dream to fruition.

Trust me, I’ve been there and seen that, too.

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