The curse of the familiar…

Sometimes I think the Universe has jokes. It definitely pays attention to what we say and it pushes us to keep our word even when we choose to veer off of our paths. Case in point. I swore off of a particular writing client at the end of 2011. I said I wasn’t going to write for this client anymore because the work had become particularly tedious and was taking me in a direction that I didn’t want to go. However, because it was work that someone was spoonfeeding to me, I went back on my word. I was offered project after project and since I didn’t have to do anything to get the work, I decided to keep taking the work.

But the projects I’ve taken this year have turned out to be even more annoying than the ones last year (and that’s saying something). Not only that, but twice, the client changed course on a project mid-way through creating more work for me, more of a headache, and negating any profit from the assignments.

Now I can continue to complain about this client and these assignments, but instead I think back to my resolution last year. I knew I had outgrown this client. My spirit had moved in a different direction with my writing and though I instinctively knew it, I clung to the familiar rather than embrace a new direction. How often do we stay in a situation we don’t like just because it’s familiar?

So, as scary as this is, I’m going to cut this client though I’ve worked closely with them for about 10 years now. When the familiar no longer feels good, where’s the value in knowing what to expect?


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