Survival tips for empaths

If you’re an empath, you know that you can easily become overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Empaths have the unique ability to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others. Some empaths can even pick up on the ailments of others. Many empaths are medical intuitives. They can intuitively pick up on the ailments of others because they literally feel them. An empath may feel a slight headache, for example, when spending time around someone with a propensity for migraines. While empathy is a psychic ability and a psychic gift that can help you to better relate to those around you, it can feel like a curse if you find yourself constantly burdened by the emotions and pains and fears of others.

loa-journalBut there are steps you can take to live a more enjoyable and peaceful life with your empathy in tact. Here are some suggestions for empaths who want to avoid the burden of others’ emotions.

–Limit your social time. Empaths need a lot of alone time in order to rejuvenate and get their energy up. When they are in social situations, they are likely to be bombarded by the emotions of others. Make sure you’re not in social situations for hours on end.

–Don’t depend on others for transportation. When you do go to social situations, have a way out. Don’t depend on your social butterfly friend to take you home as that person will likely be thriving in the social setting while you are wilting. Have your own way to come and go so that you can leave when you feel burdened.

–Share your needs with loved ones. Do your loved ones know that you are an empath? If they don’t, they’re not going to understand your need for solitude or how overwhelming the emotions of others can be. Let your loved ones know your needs and you may be happy to find that they look out for you — and can help you to avoid draining situations.

–Pay attention to your environment. While a messy house can cause stress to anyone, empaths can be particularly bothered by clutter. Use Feng Shui principles to bring peace and solitude to your home. Surround yourself in an atmosphere that is soothing and that will help you to replenish your energy faster once you’ve experienced an emotionally draining time.

–Avoid loud noises. If there are places that are going to have loud, jarring sounds, such as firecrackers or loud music, you may want to stay away. Loud noises can also impact empaths negatively by causing stress. Plan outings in places that are calm, serene and aren’t filled with a lot of people.

–Plan ahead. You can’t always know what type of setting you’ll find yourself in, but if you can get an idea before hand, it’s a ¬†good idea to do so if you are an empath. If you’re going into a new environment, try to find out what it will be like by talking to someone who is familiar with it. ¬†That way, you’ll know if you may be entering a potentially draining environment and can mentally and emotionally prepare.

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