Spirit babies: Communicating with children before they are born

If you believe in life after death, then it’s not a far fetch to believe in life before birth. In fact, those that believe in reincarnation know that the soul exists prior to being born just as it exists after one lifetime ends.

Just as you can communicate with a spirit after death, you can communicate with a spirit before birth. Many mothers describe the phenomenon of connecting with their children before they are even conceived.

Some psychics can sense the energy of an unborn baby around the parents-to-be. It is widely believed in metaphysical circles that souls choose their own parents before they are born in order to ensure that they experience certain conditions in life that will help them to learn certain lessons in that lifetime.

Some psychics specialize in communicating with unborn children. In fact, there is a book about the phenomenon called Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Meant to Have by Walter Makichen. Makichen is a clairvoyant and medium who communicates with unborn babies regularly and helps parents understand why a baby might not be coming forth.

Sometimes a baby might not be certain that he or she is wanted. Other times the baby may be waiting for the right circumstances. For example, the baby might be near the mother-to-be but the father-to-be might not have entered the picture yet.

In some cases, a couple who has had difficulty conceiving might help their situation by communicating with their unborn child and strengthening the relationship. Creating space for an unborn child and welcoming that child before he or she is conceived can sometimes be all that is needed to encourage that spirit baby to enter this world.

Because spirit babies are so intuitive and connected to their parents-to-be, it’s important for parents-to-be to watch their thoughts, fears and feelings. Some believe that when a baby is aborted the spirit stays with the mother to see if there is another opportunity to come through.

If you want to have a baby, try meditating and connecting with the energy of spirit babies that may be around you. You can learn more about the concept by reading Makichen’s book. Download it here.


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