Solving Friendship Problems With Law of Attraction

It happens to the best of us. We love our friends, really we do. But sometimes, we notice friendship problems start to crop up in the relationship.

friendship problems

Maybe your friend is constantly late when she’s supposed to meet you. Or she’s always talking incessantly about her problems yet never seems to have time to talk about yours. Maybe she complains if you don’t do things her way, or she only wants to do things that her convenient for her, but not necessarily convenient for you. Maybe she takes, takes takes, but never gives back to you. A selfish friend–one who makes things all about her–can cause plenty of friendship problems. Should you confront her about her behavior?

If the friendship means a lot to you, hopefully there are redeeming qualities that this friend has. If all you have when you think about her is a litany of complaints, perhaps it’s time to allow this friend to float out of your life. But if you’re interested in seeing the friendship get back onto solid ground, the Law of Attraction can help.

How the Law of Attraction Can Help Solve Friendship Problems

Struggling to maintain the friendship is only going to lead to more struggling to maintain the friendship. Remember, struggle just invites more struggle into your life since you attract what you focus on. If the friendship feels bad right now, the worst thing you can do is confront the friend. You’d be coming at it from a low vibration, and you’d likely invite in more conflict or other bad feelings. Do the following instead:

Accept that the friendship may die. This may sound harsh. You may be thinking, but I don’t want the friendship to die. And that’s well and good. But one of the most important keys to Law of Attraction success is getting rid of resistance. What you resist will persist. Embrace the worst-case scenario. Sometimes you outgrow your friends. Once you accept that your friendship may be over and embrace that idea, knowing that you’ll attract new friends if that happens, you can move through your friendship problems.

Focus on what feels good about the friendship. If nothing feels good about the friendship right now, do nothing and stay away from this friend temporarily. Take a break. Think about which other friends or people in your life feel good right now and spend time with them. (If there are no people who feel good in your life right now, it’s likely your vibration that is off rather than those around you. If you’re arguing with several people or finding yourself in conflicts with many friends, darling, it’s you.) If you can find something good to focus on about this friend, such as you enjoy her funny Facebook posts, just respond to the funny Facebook posts for now; avoid other contact.

Ignore the behavior you don’t like. Instead of confronting your friend about something she does that you hate, simply don’t respond to it. For example, if your friend is always waiting until the last minute to make plans, instead of confronting her about it, stop being available at the last minute. If the friend is always showing up late, start leaving early when she arrives, simply letting her know that you had other plans that started at that time. Don’t complain, don’t make a fuss. Just don’t engage in what you don’t like.

Focus on the behavior you do like. When your friend realizes you are never able to meet at the last minute and she suggests a lunch date in advance, jump on it and show the friend all of the affection that she loves. Again, you’re focusing on the aspects of the relationship that you want to grow or enhance and ignoring those aspects that you want to fade away.

friendship problems

Commit to the strategy. Shifting the dynamic may take a little bit of time. The friend may not notice at first, or the friend may resist your different energy. During this time you will likely spend less time with your friend as she will still likely be engaging in behaviors that you don’t like or that don’t make you feel good. In the interim, continue to follow what feels good and easy, and spend time with the people who it is easy for you to be around. Don’t be surprised if you attract new friends who easily flow with your feel-good vibration. Your friend may elevate her vibration game, or she may not. But you’ll have friends who feel good to you either way.

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