Signs your heart chakra is killing your love life

In February, you’d have to be living under a rock to miss out on all of the commotion surrounding Valentine’s Day. For some, this can be a very romantic and happy time. For others, it can be an excruciating reminder of one’s singleness.

There is no shortage of advice for singles who want to change their status. Get out more. Try online dating. Lower your standards. (Never do that last one.) Regardless of what advice you try, nothing will work if there is an imbalance involving your heart chakra. When your heart chakra isn’t working properly, your love life isn’t either.

The seven chakras are the centers through which energy flows through our bodies. Each chakra corresponds with certain emotional issues that we experience. When a chakra is blocked and energy is unable to move through, we experience physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. Likewise, if a chakra is over-active, we can experience unwanted results as well.

Our fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra. It’s located just above the heart at the center of the chest, and not surprisingly, it impacts our ability to give and receive love. If your heart chakra isn’t balanced, chances are your relationship status is ‘complicated.’

But that’s actually pretty good news because it means you have power over your love life. Instead of moaning about why you’re single or why you keep attracting the same crazy partners, you realize how you’re contributing to your own unhappiness and you can do something about it.

So what are the signs that your heart chakra is blocked?

–You’re unable to forgive past hurts from old loves. You’re still holding onto resentment of having been wronged. You can’t seem to get over your ex. You have a hard time moving on.

–You’re lonely, shy or experience social anxiety. In other words, you’re expending a great deal of effort trying to keep people out.

–You’re extremely critical of others (and yourself). This could even be a subconscious way to keep people out since you’re likely finding excuses to avoid interacting with someone.

–You have difficulty giving freely. Maybe you’re a hoarder of your time, energy and money.

–You have a hard time receiving. Maybe you can’t accept a compliment, let alone an act of kindness.

–You’re fearful of relationships. You wonder what people’s ulterior motives are or fear a potential partner will hurt you. You may always suspect he or she is cheating when there is no evidence of that fact.

So what about if your heart chakra is overactive? Here’s how that might do damage to your love life as well.

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