Signs you are a spiritual junkie

book-dealLiving according to Spiritual Law is key to living a successful life, but if you’re finding that it’s not working for you, you could be a spiritual junkie. A spiritual junkie is someone that’s read all the books, attends all the workshops and loves talking about metaphysical concepts and how they can change your life. Yet, the spiritual junkie never applies the information so when it comes to their own lives, nothing of substance seems to change.

If you’re wondering whether you are a spiritual junkie, here are some signs that you just might be:

You have the same problems this year as last year as the year before. It’s true that it may take longer for you to deal with certain issues than others, but if you haven’t made headway on the biggest challenges in your life year after year AND you’re constantly throwing yourself into self-help solutions, you’re either studying the wrong solutions or you’re not applying the information that you’ve been given.

You skip the exercises and tasks. Many self-help authors or workshop presenters will give you assignments to do. It may be questions to answer, affirmations to repeat or meditations to do. If you find yourself skipping past this deeper, personal work to just barrel through the information, you are skipping a key part of the power of Spiritual Law. Spiritual Law focus on internal changes to transform your outer world. If you don’t do the inner work, the outer world will stay the same.

You experience ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ from the info. Many people are addicted to self-help, or the ‘high’ they get once they’ve read a good book or heard an inspiring speech or presentation. However, after a couple of weeks, the ‘high’ fades away and the person is left feeling empty or looking for another ‘high.’ The information is meant to be applied so that you incorporate it into your life every day. If you’re reading it and then going back to your ‘pre-enlightened’ life, then it’s not inspiration, but rather entertainment for you.

You change philosophies like you change your wardrobe. Sometimes you’ll realize that an old way of thinking is not working or you’ll embrace new concepts and ways to look at things. But if you¬†have the urge to make¬†abrupt total makeovers of your personal belief system over and over again, you have to ask yourself if you’ve given any belief system a chance to actually work. Ever heard the saying “It works if you work it?” Any piece of wisdom is only a saying until you apply it to your life. Only by applying it persistently and consistently can you truly evaluate whether it is something that can enhance your life. If it’s not, definitely find a belief that truly does. But you have to give it a chance.


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