Signs someone is sending off bad vibes

When you’re in tune with the Universe you not only know what steps to take in your life and instinctively can go with the flow, but you know when others are in alignment with you, as well as when others are sending off bad vibes to you. People don’t have to be intentionally sending off bad vibes. They could be feeling insecure around you, jealous of you or angry with you — all of which have the effect of sending off negative energy your way. Bad vibes are simply an energetic display of negative emotion. If you’re aware of the energy around you, you’ll know when bad vibes are around because they simply do not feel good.

You can pick up bad vibes anywhere. When you pick up bad vibes at work, that can derail your career.  (Click here for tips on warding off bad vibes at work.) People can also give off sexual vibes, which can be uncomfortable if you’re not seeking that kind of attention. Your pets are also good at picking up on good and bad vibes. You can also pick up bad vibes from someone you shared a past life with.

So how can you detect bad vibes, particularly when you’re not on your metaphysical game?

Sometimes bad vibes can affect you physically. Have you ever noticed the hair on your body stand straight up? That’s  a physical reaction to something and you don’t have to be consciously aware of what’s going on around you to have that happen. Often people describe the hair on their body standing straight up right before something alarming happens. It’s one way that your body is telling you that there are bad vibes around, and you should proceed cautiously.

Another way to detect bad vibes is to look at how your pet reacts to something. Dogs and cats are very perceptive about people. If your dog is generally friendly to everyone yet he or she starts barking viciously at someone that comes to visit, look twice at that person. Your dog is likely picking up on negative energy surrounding this person. Of course the person could be afraid of dogs. In that case, the person’s fear is likely what the dog is picking up on. But don’t overlook an animal that seems agitated around someone particularly if that is not the animal’s normal state. On the flip side, when your pet seems particularly fond of someone you can rest assured that that person is a good person to have around you.

Just as pets are good at picking up bad vibes, so are children. Most children are naturally psychic and they have a knack for sensing things that are going on beneath the surface. If a child backs away from someone or seems uncomfortable around someone the worst thing you can do is tell the child to brush their shyness away and be more sociable to that person. Instead, again, look more closely at that person since the child could simply be picking up on the fact that the person is sending off bad vibes.

Are you an empath?

Finally, it’s important to note that you might be picking up bad vibes because you are an empath. Empaths pick up on the emotions, feelings and sometimes the motives of others. If you are an empath, the vibes of others can literally drain you.

According to Dr. Michael Smith, here are some signs that you might be an empath:

* You are a good listener and people naturally want to tell you their stories.
* You feel emotions deeply and you may even cry easily  for no reason.
* Your intuition is VERY strong,  especially when it comes to other people. You know what’s going on with them even though they haven’t told you anything.
* You easily become over-stimulated in public places like concerts or malls.

When you realize that someone is giving off bad vibes, the last thing you want to do is ignore that information. When you ignore your intuition, or your inherent psychic ability, you not only run the risk of making a mistake in your life, but you cause your psychic ability to lessen somewhat. When you follow your psychic hunches, your psychic ability grows.

When you are around someone who gives off bad vibes, try to get away from them. If you can walk away, do so. If not, visualize yourself surrounded by a protective bubble, which can keep the energy of this person from entering your energy field. Finally, don’t engage with this person anymore than you have to. It stands to reason if this person is offering you a job or suggesting you get together romantically or professionally, look in the opposite direction. You’ll be glad you did it in the long run.

A psychic can also give you some confirmation as to whether the bad vibes you’re getting are a true problem that you should be concerned about.


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  1. I been feeling bad vibes probably about 12 year’s old. My mother was part Indian I don’t know if that matters or not. She could feel things, she could see evil or she could see peace. I don’t know if it was past on to me or what. Asked my sister about vibes and she’s even very religious too. She laughs at me and I can see she treats like crap about it and she thinks I’m fake. She doesn’t tell me but I can feel it and and see it. She even lives about a thousand miles away when I told her about vibes. One time I went into a house with a friend that knew someone. So I followed him in this house and it was not a house, it was like being in hell with something I never felt in my life! I told my friend afterwards why I had to get out and he kind if believed me, he was kind in shock that I could know something thing like that. Anyways about a week went by if I can remember, I called him up one day I have no idea why… And he told me what happened to the person that was in that house when I had to leave that one day. Well he told me and couldn’t believe it, so he told me. He said that guy in that house died!!! And I freaked out myself!! And right then and there I knew i had something, and that something must of been a gift from what I don’t know. From then on I knew and I could understand why I felt things when I was a kid. Few year went by, then 4 year’s ago what ever I have now it is getting stronger and stronger that I can pick up vibes, quicker than a blink of an eye. I haven’t got where I can see images from peoples past yet just looking at them, like some people that can be gifted with that but I have something different than those people. But I do know wgen I can be around someone that carries them. My girlfriend I was with her for 4 years she always had something following her, finally broke up with her. Anyways, so the day she wakes up the day she goes to bed. She always had a “thing” that was with her. I can tell you it was not good vibes and not good energy, that could be vibes for you too. One time three months went by and I found one of her shirts to pick it up, the last of her stuff I gave her. She shoed up, even more bad energy was with her and I wished I didn’t let her in to get her shirt. We talked maybe about 4 min. That night I seen something that I wished I didn’t see. I seen it I must of been half awake and half a sleep. I’m not going to tell you what it was, I’m sure you can imagen what it could be. The morning came by, sat in my recliner listened to music. Hours went by and I knew something was behind me and I ignored it and it got stronger. I said this it I had enough what ever you are, I was a little spooked but I knew what to do and how to get rid of it. I picked up my Bible talk to the lord to get whatever what’s inside I had to bless my house myself. I did that and it was gone just like that!! I knew where the energy was lol, I walked through it a few times. Damn thing kept on running away from me lol. My apt is very small too. It was running to my bathroom it past me again and went to my bedroom, I have no clue why it went to the closet and it disappeared. Started laughing because what it was doing, sat down didn’t feel a thing. Just sat their and enjoyed the rest of the day. Thinking to myself, that evil women brought something inside my apt. One time I walked by her and I seen what I seen what was in her eyes and I knew right then and there, it’s still with her. So this thing that I have that nust of been gifted to me like i said. It protects me because it helps to know what kind of people there are that us around me. Tell you the truth sometimes it gets annoying at times… Now sense I have a relationship with god I feel it even more. I told my dad if you ever heard of fibes and I told him I feel them. He laughed thought I was full of bullshit and finally quit telling people. That’s my story I could tell you more but I don’t feel like typing for ever.

  2. Time and time again I experience “bad vibes” from people who are do-good-ers and I don’t understand why. By do-good-ers, I mean people who strive for positive change in a community, people who offer positive changes to youth, people who endlessly volunteer their time, etc. I have about 3 people I can think of who I have experienced this with. Why do people who do positive things give me a feeling that almost turns my stomach?? (Now these people aren’t to be confused with “fake” people who pretend to volunteer for an ulterior motive. These people go above and beyond the average volunteer or community warrior.) I’ve thought that maybe they are carrying energy of others that I am feeling, (i.e. spouse) but I can’t seem to put the pieces together. Has anyone else had this issue? (I am an empath and learning how to navigate my abilities but this sort of situation stumps me.)

  3. To Maura; I’ve gotten bad vibes from “do-gooders” as well. Mostly ones who are part of organizations like little league coaches and people at church. I am a Christian but I have never found a church I got a good vibe at. People are friendly but I always sense tension. I don’t know what it is. Unfortunately, I have read that these are the very places where wolves like to hide in sheep’s clothing. Maybe it’s that. Maybe there’s a high incidence of people hiding ulterior motives (I.e; a church goer whose there to make business contacts), or a pedophile coaching little league (God forbid).

    • I think it is normal for humans to put on a front for the public, I do it all the time it is just natural its not fake I just prefer to be happy and optimistic around people whenever I can, even if im feeling not so great otherwise if im feeling terrible i wont go out or keep busy and to myself. Im not comfortable with focussing on what is not working for me around people and often this attitude helps me feel better. I know also that I myself have a strong vibe without even trying i intimidate people, I now know I am an empath and what i often took on as my insecurities was often actually the insecurities or stresses of others I took on, it has caused me stress at times particularly earlier in my life but I had no idea why or how to change it. It stands to reason then that some people may not even be aware of their vibe or projections they may not be feeling great inside but do not necessarily realise that it can be picked up on. Based on that I am always weary of the level of vibe and initially try to ignore it and give the person a chance, if it is overly strong my instinct will tell me to get away from this person but there are often times that ive felt compelled to talk to the person and that was all they needed was to get something off their chest. People! We are a lot of work:)

      You can’t trust words because people lie all the time. However, your vibes, or your intuition, do not lie 🙂


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