Signs you are attracting struggle in your life

attracting struggleEveryone has challenges in life. However, some of us are attracting struggle. If this describes you, nothing will ever come easy for you, and you may, in fact, never reach your goals.

Whenever we want to make a change in our lives, most of us come up with a plan for how to do so. Such a plan typically involves the actions we will take to bring about the desired outcome. However, what’s more important is to change how we see things related to that change in our minds.

Chances are you’ve heard of the power of visualization. But when you think about achieving your ideal goal, do you think it will be difficult or easy? An exercise to try before engaging in any task is to visualize yourself having completed the task and saying to yourself, My how easy that was to accomplish!

If you’ve been having a challenging time accomplishing a goal, whether it’s finding a job, having enough money, manifesting a healthy relationship or anything else, do a checkin with yourself to make sure you’re not attracting struggle. Here are a few signs that you are.

You¬†have a belief that struggle is necessary. Perhaps you grew up believing that ‘nothing worth having is ever easy,’ or you were taught that you have to work hard for everything that you want in life. While there is certainly nothing wrong with working hard, it isn’t always a prerequisite for success.

In fact, when you are in alignment with your soul and following your purpose, you may find that the things that your soul loves to do are easy for you. When you hit that sweet spot where you’re doing what comes naturally to you and what’s easy to you, success is inevitable.

You enjoy the attention that you get when describing your struggles. If you ever read the book The Celestine Prophecy, then you’re familiar with the concept that we often use control dramas to get energy from others. We may realize that we get attention when we intimidate others, or we may learn early on that when we’re victim we get others’ sympathy.

So if you’ve realized that describing your struggles gives you a captive audience, you may subconsciously enjoy having struggles to talk about. That means you’ll constantly put yourself in a place of struggle since subconsciously you believe that achieving your goals will cause you to lose the attention of others.

(This is likely not the case. You will likely find the opposite. When you’re allowing yourself to achieve your goals, people may be more interested in learning about how you achieved your success.)

You need struggle to feel worthy.¬†Another sign you’re attracting struggle is if you identify with that role. Like a badge of honor, a badge of struggle can make you feel like you’re strong and courageous and brave. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal, and that can make you feel worthy. We should never base our worthiness on an action. We are worthy simply because we are. If you need to struggle to feel worthy, then success may actually hurt your self esteem.

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