Sensing good times ahead: Why you should trust it

Have you ever felt like something great was going to happen to you even though you had no inkling what that could be? Likewise, have you ever struggled with an issue and then for an unexplainable reason, you just suddenly started to feel better about the situation and knew instinctively that it was changing to your advantage?

Embrace moments like that.

For one thing, you could be intuitively picking up on a change in fortune. Just as we sometimes have premonitions that something we don’t want is going to happen, we can also experience premonitions that something great is around the corner.

In fact, you might want to journal about your premonition so that you can have a record of your intuition working for you.

Another explanation for the feeling that things are about to be better than they seem is the Law of Attraction. According to the spiritual principle, we create our luck. When we know something will happen, the Universe conspires to make it true. (One of the best resources for learning more about the Law of Attraction is Ask and it is Given: the Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks.)

So if you’re feeling something good is happening even when you don’t yet see it, you are using the Law of Attraction to your advantage. The good vibes and the good energy that you are feeling are working to bring the situation to a resolution that will be favorable to you.

Feeling good is never a bad thing. Some people criticize others for being optimistic by saying they are wearing rose-colored glasses. Have you noticed how when you’re in a good mood, people react to you in a more positive way? Just by embracing your good feelings, you’ll shift your energy and shift how others see you. Relationships will improve, you may meet new people and you may notice old friends getting back in touch.

Nothing bad can come from feeling good.

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