Searching for love? Let Cupid help

Valentine’s Day. With the focus on flowers, balloons, candy and romantic dinners, it’s easy for someone to get caught up noticing the love they don’t have. A friend mentioned this morning that she hates Valentine’s Day because she’s single and she hates that strangers are the only ones who are wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day. I looked at her plight differently. I thought¬†she has so much love around her that even strangers are wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day. See the difference? One viewpoint looks at Valentine’s Day from the lens of what you don’t have. The other looks at Valentine’s Day from the lens of what you do.

I think little children have it right. Valentine’s Day is always a big deal in elementary grades as the kids give out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone. As a result, everyone in the class has about 20 or 30 Valentines. If that isn’t a lesson in abundance, I don’t know what is.

According to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts not only impact what happens to us but they impact what we notice. The very fact that you notice the many expressions of love on this day (whether they’re exhibited toward you or not) shows that your thoughts are tuned into love. ¬†And what we tune into comes into our lives.

Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, intend on this day (and this week and this month) to notice and appreciate the many expressions of love that you see around you, knowing that each one you observe is impressing itself on your subconscious mind and bringing similar experiences closer to your personal experience. Once you get that lesson, you’ll never look at Valentine’s Day the same again.



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