Rituals for Beginners: When to Conduct Your Rituals

So what do you want to change in your life? Do you need more money? Are you looking to improve your love life? Maybe you want to find a new job or change your position in life. A ritual can help, but you have to know the best time to conduct your rituals.

rituals for beginners

One of the best things about understanding the spiritual laws of the Universe is that you can use the laws on your behalf. Some days are better for working on certain areas of your life than others. To increase your chances of success, it helps to work with the Universe rather than against it. In other words, allow the forces of the Universe to work in your favor and propel you like the wind propels a sailboat in the direction that you desire.

Every day is ruled by a particular celestial body or planet, and each body or planet is associated with certain areas of our lives. If you have an intention for a particular area of your life, conduct a ritual on a day that corresponds with that area of your life.

Sunday is ruled by the sun, and is associated with prosperity, leadership, success, creativity and protection. The sun is also associated with masculinity. If you’re goal is to get a promotion or you’re looking to vastly improve your station in life, you might do a ritual on this day.

Monday is ruled by the moon, and is associated with healing, emotional matters, purity, and protection. The moon is also associated with femininity. If you’re nursing a broken heart, nursing old wounds or trying to get over a broken relationship, you might conduct a ritual no this day. Also, if you’re looking for spiritual protection, consider a ritual on this day, as well.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. It’s associated with force, power, courage, loyalty and wealth. This might be the day to conduct a ritual designed to give you the courage to embark on a new project or to overcome a long-time fear or limitation.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and is associated with communication, self-expression, business, travel, thought and humor. If you’re looking to improve communication in your relationships or you’re preparing for a difficult conversation with someone, a ritual on Wednesday might be helpful.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, which is concerned with expansion, abundance, success, generosity, growth and ambition. Looking for a raise? Need to increase the money coming into your life? Conduct a ritual on Thursday.

Friday is ruled by Venus. It’s concerned with love, romance and sex, as well as family and home, fun and pleasure. Looking for a new relationship or want to improve your current relationship? Do a ritual on this day.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. It is concerned with such matters as real estate, hard work, patience, obstacles, delays and patience. Naturally, if you’re looking to buy or sell a house, do a ritual on Saturday. If you’ve been faced with obstacles or trying periods in which your patience is tested, a ritual conducted on a Saturday might help you out.




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