Rhonda Byrne’s Hero better than The Secret

super-hero-couture1So anyone who reads this blog knows I’m not a huge fan of The Secret. However, Rhonda Byrne’s Hero is another story altogether.

I was in the bookstore recently looking for fiction to fill my spare time with. I was actually on the way out of the store when Hero caught my eye. If you’re a Secret lover, the book is easy to spot since the publishers wisely use the same packaging as The Secret. Why mess with a good thing, since that’s what she’s known for. But this book shows more of the inner workings of spiritual growth than The Secret did.

Rhonda Byrne is a master at getting other people on board to help her convey her messages. She wasn’t the only person who became a household name after The Secret. Other gurus such as James Ray and Michael Beckwith also experienced a rise in popularity. In Hero, she takes a different approach.

Hero tells the story of what every person goes through when undergoing a personal journey. The jacket of the book describes:

Imagine if there was a map that showed you how to get from where you are now to the most brilliant, rich, fulfilling, and dazzling life you could ever dream of having….You are holding in your hands such a map.

The book then details what happens when we embark on a journey of spiritual growth. The journey isn’t always pretty. For example, there are what the book calls “the labyrinth,” “naysayers” and “the road of trials.” You can look at your own life and think of times when you felt confused as if you were walking through a maze. Everyone has experienced those individuals in our lives who didn’t believe in our dreams or who thought their way was better than our way. And we all go through trials.

The book also talks about the need to cultivate the mind and heart of a hero.  Belief and a willingness to follow your bliss are crucial. I must admit, the chapter on following your bliss really inspired me and got me to thinking about how often I’m really doing something because I want to and how often I’m just doing things on autopilot.

Now I’m not saying that Rhonda Byrne has provided some cutting-edge new information. Instead, it’s the way she packages it that makes a difference. She doesn’t just talk at the reader, telling you how to embark on your personal journey. She found people in different professions who have actually walked this walk. And as Rhonda Byrne describes each section of the journey, you get to read in their own words how these other people handled their labyrinths and naysayers and road of trials. When you read about how others actually APPLIED this metaphysical knowledge, it’s inspiring in a whole different way.

If you’re looking for a quick spiritual boost that might fade away after a few weeks, pick up The Secret. But if you want to read real-world accounts of what works when embarking on a spiritual journey, give Hero a try.

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