What you must do with your 2017 intentions

Anyone who is familiar with this blog knows that I hate goals, but love intentions. While goals are action-oriented, and require you to come up with a step-by-step approach to making something happen, intentions are more subtle and rely on allowing the Universe to lead you and your desires to each other. Just like you can’t will love to happen, you can’t will anything else meaningful to happen either.

But you can set intentions and direct the Universe to act on your behalf. Yes, you will have to take steps toward your goal, but those steps will be guided. You’ll feel intuitively what you should do next, rather than mapping out a 12-month plan.

When you set intentions, you let go of how something is supposed to happen. And you follow the energy. If something feels good, you do it. If it doesn’t feel good, you’re not headed in the right direction.

When you come up with your intentions, they may seem like a big deal to you at the time, but as life gets complicated in the new year (and at times, it will) you can easily forget about them, which is why you want to record them so that you can be reminded of them throughout the year. It’s also a good idea to record your intentions so you can see the evidence of how great you are at manifesting when your intention is realized.

The way you record them is up to you, but do it in a way that will move you. If you are a music lover, you might sing your intentions into a recorder and listen to it each day. Or you can speak them and play the recording at night before you go to bed. If you’re more visually-oriented, create a poster or vision board that highlights your intentions. Or if you’re a writer at heart, jot them down in your journal. In any case, make sure you review your intentions regularly, if not daily.

Don’t leave it up to ego to remember; by setting aside time to recall your intentions, you’re inviting your wiser self to lead you in ways you never would have imagined. Now that you’ve got your intentions, read more about how to bring them to reality by checking out our Law of Attraction archive.

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