Quick tips on how to be present

Practical Wisdom That Works columnist Fenesha Hubbard.

Do you ever feel like time is not on your side? Perhaps your ride was late picking you up, the meeting didn’t begin on time, or you were stuck in traffic and your child was late for school. Situations like these can make you feel frustrated or agitated. Whether it is time spent, time wasted, or time you wish you had, you ought not fret! Each moment that you are alive is really just a gift of time.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that time is not on your side, take a moment to consciously shift your perspective to one of acceptance. Accept the gift of time that life is presenting you. Let life work on your behalf instead of trying to control the very thing you cannot, which is time.

Letting life work for you could mean accepting a few extra moments to gather your thoughts, to uplift a co-worker, or to listen to your child’s precious voice. Rather than thinking that time is against you, consider that time is for you. Life is always orchestrating things for your good. Maybe as a result of your changed perspective you’ll receive a new idea, an answer you’d been seeking, or a person you need to meet.

In addition to time being a gift for you, remember that you are also a gift! Where you are, at any given moment, is a position of power. Louise Hay always says that your point of power is in the present moment. Let life use you as a gift and see what unfolds. Be thankful for where you are, right now. Trust life, and remember that time is on your side.

Fenesha Hubbard, a student of metaphysics for nearly 25 years, facilitates learning by helping people navigate difficult topics with ease. She is a lover of life and chooses to make it great daily. Check her out at fenesha.com.

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