Law of attraction and money: Prosperity Update #2

A couple of months ago, I did a prosperity experiment in which I anonymously left $5 bills in public places for people to find. The experiment tested the Law of Reciprocity, or the theory that what you give out you get back. I’ll take it even further. In my experience, what I receive has always exceeded what I give.

Of course you may not receive from those that you give to. For example, if you give a friend a $100 birthday gift, that person may not return the favor. And if you focus on the fact that the friend didn’t give you a birthday gift or only spent $20 on your special day, you’re missing the point and you may miss noticing other avenues for that money to come in. If you let go of the need for that particular friend to exhibit reciprocity, you may notice that another friend treats you to a real nice dinner or someone sends you a thoughtful gift ‘just because.’

Shortly after the prosperity experiment, I recounted that a client of mine who was going out of business wasn’t sure if they could pay me $500 that they owed. I wrote the money off as a business loss. ¬†In the weeks following the experiment I received a check for the $500¬†from that client after all. However, my incoming prosperity didn’t stop there. A week later, I heard from the client again. They wanted to offer me a bonus for all of the work that I had done for them so they were sending me an additional $500. I ended up with $1,000 that I hadn’t planned on getting.

Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And I do believe my willingness to give made it possible for someone to be willing to give to me. If you don’t believe it works, try it yourself. You have little to lose and very much to gain.


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