Overcoming negative thoughts with the Law of Attraction

I always start the new year off with a scripting exercise — a Law of Attraction technique in which I put some attention on what I want to happen in the new year by acting ‘as if’ it’s already occurred.

I get a piece of paper and begin to write a journal entry, except I write it as if it’s December 31st of the following year. So today, I’ll write my entry as if it’s December 31, 2012, and I’ll list all of the things that I’m grateful to have received or experienced in 2012. I’ll also go into details about how those things make me feel.

For example, one year when I wanted a new job, I wrote about how happy I was in that new job and how much I loved my boss and my co-workers and the ability to grow my career in the method I wanted to grow it in. I also wrote about all of the luxuries I was able to afford since my new job doubled my salary.

Sure enough, the next year I did get a new job and while my salary didn’t quite double, it came pretty darn close.

What do you want to attract in 2012? Try this exercise and this time next year, you can see just how close you came.

Another thing you can do to increase your Law of Attraction success this year is train your mind to look at the world differently. Did you see the movie or read the book The Secret? If you did, you may have tried  some of the principles — and failed. The Secret left out quite a bit about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your desires. Dr. Robert Anthony is a Law of Attraction guru who the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, waned to participate in the project but he said ‘no.’ He believed that The Secret wasn’t providing all of the information that people needed to succeed with the Law of Attraction. In fact, he says, “If you approach manifesting what you want the way most of these ‘experts’ tell you to, then you will be very disappointed.”

Instead, Anthony came up with his own program,  The Secret of Deliberate Creation, a Law of Attraction training system that provides the crucial information that The Secret and so many other Law of Attraction systems fail to deliver. You have to feel and believe something rather than simply thinking it. A positive thought over a negative belief will have no impact on your life. Anthony’s program  focuses on getting your conscious and subconscious minds to work together, which is what has to happen in order for manifestation to take place.

If you’ve tried to use Law of Attraction principles and they’re not working, the reason is simple. You don’t really believe what you’re thinking about. You have to reprogram those beliefs before the positive thinking will work.  Of course that’s not that easy a task. But Anthony’s program offers a step-by-step approach, so no matter how deep those beliefs go, you can turn them upside down and replace them with the beliefs that are necessary for you to manifest the life that you desire.

The Law of Attraction is spiritual law and it does work EVERY TIME when you understand all of the steps. If you’re ready to test that out — and be a more successful manifester this new year — try Anthony’s program, which will literally give you the steps to identify your real beliefs, reprogram your mind so that you believe what you want to believe, and only then, will the positive thinking truly work. Download The Secret of Deliberate Creation now.


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