One reason the Law of Attraction didn’t work

law-of-attractionHave you ever tried working with the Law of Attraction only to find that things didn’t work out like you wanted them to? One reason many people fail to realize their LOA desires is because they aren’t 100 percent clear about what it is that they want. And the Universe has a way of checking to make sure you’re clear.

Typically, when you’re on the way to manifesting something — particularly something that you’ve struggled to manifest — you will be shown opportunities that don’t quite measure up to your ideal. Say you have a habit of taking low-paying jobs when you know you’re worth more,  and you want to manifest a higher paying salary that better reflects what you deserve. Chances are before you attract that higher paying job you’ll be offered another low-paying one (or two or three). One of those low-paying jobs may even sound fun and you can start to imagine yourself getting some good experience in that job and you may even like the people who work there. Yet, your original intention was to attract a high-paying job. In this situation the Universe is asking you whether you are 100 percent committed to your desire. If you choose another low-paying job, you’ll be sending the Universe a message that you’re satisfied with that low wage. A higher salary was not, in fact, what you were 100 percent committed to in your heart.

The same principle can be found in relationships. Say you have a history of dating emotionally unavailable people and you desire a healthy relationship with someone who is 100 percent committed to you. You put your intention out into the Universe and give the Universe time to do its thing. Again, most likely, you will first come across someone who you get along with and enjoy being with and can envision having a relationship with only to realize that the person is only about 75 percent available (though that’s more available than your last partner).  What are you going to do? Again, the Universe isn’t trying to torture you. Rather, you’re just being asked to show that you are clear about what you want. If you choose to give the person who is 75 percent available a chance to see what will happen, you’ll be telling the Universe that a 100 percent available person isn’t REALLY what you desire.

You’ll often be asked to say ‘no’ to what you don’t want before you get to the ‘yes.’ Recognize the situation that’s not quite right for what it is: A sign that if you turn it down and hold steadfast to your true desire, you’ll see your intention realized soon enough. By the time you attract the not-quite-right situation, you’ll be closer to your desire than you’ve ever been. Don’t turn back now.

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