My Prosperity Experiment

So I have a surefire way of starting the New Year with some extra dollars in my pocket. It’s called the Practical Wisdom way, and you’re welcome to try it.

One of the best ways to get money is to give it. The principle is basically this: You get what you give. When you are generous with your money, you benefit from the generosity of others. When you give money, you get money, though it often doesn’t come from the same person you gave it to.

Here’s an example of someone who understands the Law of Reciprocity and how generosity can jumpstart your life. In Kmart stores across the country, anonymous donors have been paying off strangers’ layaway accounts, so customers are finding that they owe nothing when they go to pick up their holiday purchases.

I’d love to have a conversation with a couple of these donors to see what abundance flows into their lives in the next few weeks. But I’ll do an experiment, and I invite you to join me. Between now and Christmas Eve, I am going to go to a public place every day and anonymously leave $5. So that’s $35 I’m willing to invest in this experiment, and I’m going to see what happens in my life in the days after. I’ll report back, but I invite you to give it a try and let us know how it impacts your bottom line!

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