Money problems? How a money vision board can help

money vision boardMoney problems can be debilitating. In fact, those who say money is not important likely never had money problems. If you’re worried about how you’ll pay the bills each month or you run out of money on a regular basis, you can feel as if you’ll never be able to achieve the life that you want.  If you’re saddled with debt and feel like you’ll never get out of it, you can be completely overwhelmed. But a money vision board can help.

A vision board is a tool that sparks your imagination and stimulates your visualization abilities. According to the Law of Attraction, everything that we focus on grows. When we focus on what we don’t have, we continue to attract the experience of not having what we want. So when we focus on wanting something with a feeling of frustration that we don’t already have it, we continue to attract that experience of being frustrated because we don’t have what we want.

The key to making the Law of Attraction work for us and not against us is to focus on the experience that we want and to feel good about it while we’re thinking about it.

How a money vision board can help

Imagine what life would be like if you had what you want. A vision board can make it easier to do that. A money vision board would include images and words that describe your ideal lifestyle when you have the money that you desire. When you look at it, ideally it will help you to get excited about how your life is changing. It will get you excited to be moving toward that outcome.

Creating a money vision board is simple.

You can get a piece of poster board and cut out images from magazines that depict how your life would be if you had the money that you desire. Would you vacation a lot? Would you have designer clothes? Would you be resting on a beach? Those might be images you turn to. Other possible images you could use include wads of cash, expensive jewelry or a big house. The sky is really the limit.

Another idea: Create a digital money vision board by using Pinterest to collect images and sayings that reflect your vision of an abundant life.

How often should you look at a money vision board?

Some people look at a vision board every day and it excites them. Others, say constantly looking at it makes them frustrated about their current situation so they put the vision board away and vow not to check it until, say, six months later to see how their lives are progressing toward their goals. Both of those strategies are fine; do the one that makes you feel the best. If it excites you to look at it every day, look at it every day. If it frustrates you, put it away and forget about it.

The very act of putting the vision board together stimulates your subconscious and starts getting the juices of visualization going. And that starts to bring your more abundant future closer to you.


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