Money manifesting games

A Practical Wisdom Coaching client shared this tip for unleashing a deluge of financial abundance into her life.

Janet had been going through a rough patch in her financial life. The recession had taken a toll on her business, forcing her to shut it down. She also lost her home and had to start all over by finding a new place to live and a new source of income. She was doing a little bit of consulting on the side to tide her over, and when the client would pay her, she would cash the check and ask for $100 bills.

“Whenever I’d open my wallet and see those $100 bills, I’d feel wealthy,” she says. “I’d feel abundant even though there wasn’t much in the bank.”

After a couple of months of carrying those $100 bills around, Janet was offered a 12-month, six-figure consulting contract. The most amazing thing about this is that she didn’t go looking for this contract. She was referred to the client by a mutual acquaintance. That’s one of the beauties of the Law of Attraction. You don’t have to search high and low for things. They literally make their way to you.

Janet’s still carrying around those $100 bills, but now she’s got money in the bank to boot!

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