How I Turned My Finances Around With Citrine

citrine money

Anyone who knows me knows you’re likely to see me wearing crystal jewelry of some sort. If you know crystals and their underlying properties you might even get a clue into what’s going on in my life at a given time based on the crystals I’m wearing around my wrists, fingers and neck.

But earlier this year, I bought my first serious crystal. By serious, I meant it was large enough in size where I paid more than $100 for it.
It was a beautiful piece of citrine.

I was at a holistic fair called Pathways perusing the crystals when the citrine jumped out at me. So here’s what was going on in my life. It was March, and the year had gotten off to a rocky start. I’d ended a relationship in January and my business had suddenly started going south.

Several clients had moved in different directions, meaning they either no longer needed my services or they didn’t need as much of my services. I made the smallest amount in February that I’d made since I’d become self-employed 15 years ago. I knew I needed a major boost. I was nowhere ready to focus on the love thing at the time, but I was ready to turn the financial downturn around.

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