Mindful Manifesting

Have you been frustrated with your manifesting? 

Today’s Guest Blog Post speaks to that challenge and comes from Dana A. Smith, the Yoga Diva, a certified Master Life Coach, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner. Visit her site at http://www.spiritualessenceyoga.com.



“What you hope, you will eventually believe.  What you believe you will eventually know.  What you know, you will eventually create.  What you create,  you will eventually experience.  What you experience you will eventually express.  What you express you will eventually become.  This is the formula for all of life” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Lately the beautiful summer weather has inspired me to sneak away from my laptop and never ending “to-do” lists.  I’ve been spending a lot of time driving around the back roads in my neighborhood and admiring the beauty of barely touched land.  Nestled in the hustle and bustle of the community are several small farms and it is almost like there are two worlds.

Driving around and admiring the view helps me stay connected to my dream of expanding my quaint studio onto a 5-acre plot of farmland.  It provides me with clear pictures for my daily daydreaming, which helps to move my intentions positively forward.  One day while traveling with a friend I took a detour and drove by one of my favorite farms.  There is a beautiful red barn on the property and a small house on a hill.  It has a deep sense of peace and stillness.  I shared with her my intention of expanding the studio and told her that I had begun the steps of manifesting and I knew things were beginning to line up to make it a reality.  My friend commented that she had tried the whole manifesting/Law of Attraction thing but it never worked for her.  She found that she would get to a certain point and things would start happening but in time things would come to a halt.  She felt that it only worked for some people, namely those who had more time to sit and meditate all day or for those who had the resources to hire gurus to teach them stillness.

As she spoke I thought back to when I first started the process of manifesting the resources to expand the studio four years ago.  It was a very challenging time but through the support of my students, family and friends I was able to keep my sanity and move forward.  At that time in my life I was burning the candle at both ends and surely didn’t have the resources to hire a guru to teach me stillness.  I read everything I could get my hands on about the Law of Attraction and setting intentions in addition to praying and meditating quite often.  Like my friend, there were times when things would be moving along quickly and then they would just stop.  I followed the three steps to manifestation Ask, Believe and Receive but it seemed as if the receiving part was an issue.

After much trial and error and a lot of time in meditation I realized that in order to receive I had to be more connected to the asking and believing.  Just saying the words were not enough to make miracles happen.  I had to reprogram my limited belief system each step of the way.  Some of us may not realize that we have beliefs (either hidden or very obvious) that keep us from getting the things we want in life.  Think about a time when you got excited over the possibility of doing something big in your life.  That initial feeling of excitement and happiness comes over us and we begin to think about how great it would feel to have or accomplish something so great.  So we Ask for it.  This may happen through prayer, setting a strong intention or just affirming it is a done deal – I have this!

Then comes the Believing.  This step was like a roller coaster for me.  One minute I would feel confident and ready for the world and the next I would question if miracles could really happen for me.  My mind would race a mile a minute with thoughts of doubt.  “Do I really deserve this?” “Can I really do this?”  In this stage we have to listen closely to our inner conversation.  In order to see great things happen in our lives we must feel that we are deserving.  This is something that is not decided by anyone else but us, though we can allow others to influence our feelings.  We can overcome self doubt by tuning back into our initial feelings of happiness and excitement.  Happiness is something that we all deserve and can make happen.  With our thoughts and feelings we choose to water seeds of doubt or let them dry up.

Receiving took a lot of patience and stillness.  The more I anticipated, the more delayed things were.  To receive we must actively wait.  To connect with the art of receiving I would visualize myself as a baseball player and my role was that of the catcher.  I would see the ball coming right toward me and all I had to do was wait for it to get close enough and extend my arm out to catch it.  I knew it was coming; everything was in the right place.  The pitcher was positioned, the batter poised and ready for action and all I had to do was keep my eye on the ball and when it was close enough, catch it.  It is important for us to know that we will receive all that we desire in divine time.

What we see in our lives is a direct result of what we think our life should look like.  If we want a better picture before our eyes we must start the work behind our eyes.  We are all worthy of greatness beyond our wildest dreams and we all have the power, knowledge and time to see it happen in this lifetime.

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