Metaphysical Bible Lessons: Noah and the Ark

While some read the Bible literally, many take a more metaphysical approach, viewing the Bible as a book of wisdom that we can apply to our daily lives. One of the famous Bible stories that has a powerful metaphysical meaning is the story of Noah and the Great Flood.

Whether you are a Bible scholar or not, you likely know the story. God became dismayed with the state of wickedness in the world and He decided to destroy everything in a Great Flood. However, He identified that Noah was a just man and He instructed Noah to build an ark which would hold Noah, his family and two of every species on the Earth so that after the Flood, life would be able to continue from those who had been saved on the Ark.

Yes, the story can be taken literally as a message about punishing the wicked and saving the just. However, a different interpretation could apply to all.

Metaphysical meaning of Noah and the Ark

Metaphysically speaking, the story of Noah and the Ark is a story of cleansing — that is, spiritual cleansing. Have you ever looked at your life and seen that it was going in a direction that you didn’t want to go in? Have you ever looked at past mistakes and wished that you could have a do over and start again? What if you could wipe out everything that you have created in the past and, like an artist, turn the page on the easel and start again? Since our thoughts create our lives, starting over means cleansing what’s in our consciousness.

The story of the Great Flood tells us that it is possible, and it gives us instructions for doing so.

First of all, we must acknowledge that we want to cleanse all that is not just in our lives. All of the thoughts and beliefs that are not conducive to our good we want to eliminate.

Secondly, we must examine that which we want to save. When you look at your life, everything cannot be bad. There are good things around us; we must identify them and appreciate them. Noah built the ark, which would house all of the things that God wanted to save. Identify all of the good in your life and the positive thoughts and beliefs that attracted that good. Set the intention to preserve it.

Spiritual metaphysics: The Great Flood

Once you’ve identified what you want to save, allow the cleansing, or healing, to take place. To do this, you might flood your consciousness with things that are good and inspiring to you. Self-help books or tapes, inspirational stories, affirmations, spiritual music — anything that makes you feel good is what you flood your consciousness with during this time. Just as the Ark spent months floating until the waters of the Great Flood receded, know that it will take time for you to cleanse what needs to be cleansed from your consciousness and your life. There is also a level of trust involved. In the story of the Great Flood, Noah did not know what was going on outside of the Ark while he and his family were inside.

He trusted that the Flood was doing what it was meant to do. When you are in a period of cleansing, you must trust that it is taking place even when you’re not seeing immediate results.

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