Mercury Retrograde Communication Problems? Stay Off Social Media

Thinking about taking a break from social media? Perhaps Mercury Retrograde would be the perfect time to do that!

Mercury Retrograde communication problemsMercury Retrograde is that time that comes along a few times per year and fills people with dread. Astrologically speaking, it’s the time in which¬†the planet Mercury slows down in its revolution and seems to be stationery or even to move ¬†backward, though in reality it is still revolving around the sun. But for most of us, we’re more concerned about the effects Mercury Retrograde has on our lives.

One of the biggest effects is on communication. Mercury Retrograde communication problems are common. Confusion and a lack of clarity reign during Mercury Retrograde. During Mercury Retrograde, we’re more likely to have misunderstandings. We may get into more arguments. We may think someone meant one thing when, in fact, they meant something entirely different. In extreme cases, we may even break up with lovers, see our friendships being tested and become estranged from family.

If there is a tense political climate (such as that in the age of Donald Trump), political arguments may become more prevalent during this time so if you have loved ones that think differently than you politically, it’s probably a good idea to take a break from discussing your views.

Social Media During Mercury Retrograde

So what does that have to do with social media? Remember, Mercury Retrograde communication problems are common. Many people use social media as their main method of communicating with their loved ones. Rather than pick up the phone to see how loved ones are doing, they check out their Facebook feed and see what those loved ones are posting. A ‘like’ is a digital way to say ‘hi’ and check in on someone.

But social media, texts and emails don’t convey emotion very well. Sure we can use an emoticon or smiley face, but that’s still not as effective as hearing the tone in someone’s voice or, better yet, seeing their body language.

Since it’s more difficult to read between the lines of a tweet or a Facebook post than a statement made face to face, there’s a higher chance that you will be misunderstood via social media than if you have a phone or face-to-face conversation.

Communication tends to be less effective during Mercury Retrograde anyway, so if you want to minimize disruptions, take the extra time during Mercury Retrograde to pick up the phone when it comes to communicating with those you are closest to. Your social media accounts will be there when Mercury Retrograde is over.

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