Manifesting miracles

feneshaToday’s guest post comes from Fenesha Hubbard, a master manifester, intuitive and teacher. Find her at and

Manifesting is a buzz word used these days to refer to a magical way to make your wishes come true. I’d like to set the record straight.  Manifesting is not magic and it is no miracle.  Manifestation occurs when you are in complete alignment with what you say you want and with the position to receive it.  When thought and position line up, manifestation occurs. What are you ready for?  Are you ready for what you say you want?

A couple of years ago the buzz question among entrepreneurs was ‘Are you Oprah ready’?  That question was used to motivate business owners to get their systems in order to be ready for exponential growth.  When it comes to your life and the things you desire, are you Oprah ready? When you think about the things you want, are you ready for those things or something bigger and better than you can image?

Say this aloud and see how it feels: Today I am ‘available to more good than I have ever experienced, imagined or realized.’ (source: quote from Michael Beckwith)

Are you ready?

I recently shared a goal with a lot of people—friends, acquaintances and family members.  The responses varied from total support to doubt and disbelief.  Sharing my goal shook up a lot of stuff inside of people.  People’s reactions let me know where they were in their personal manifestation processes.  Those who were shaken up appeared to be in misalignment with their personal desires.  They were stuck.

Manifestation follows movement, and when you continuously find yourself stuck in a pattern or situation, perhaps it is because you are stuck somewhere else.  I’d like to call this being Consciously Constipated.  You know you’re Consciously Constipated when you find yourself stuck in mental patterns such as excuses, doubt, or feelings of unworthiness, or physical patterns such as unhealthy relationships.  You may also be Consciously Constipated when you are either not clear on what you want, or you are not positioning yourself to receive it.

So what do you really want and are you ready for it?  To be ready means that you are embodying what you want with your full imagination and heart.  You can see it and feel it. It’s so real to you that you have to stop and ask yourself why it hasn’t shown up in your life yet. It may even feel like your real life needs to catch up with your imagination. Which is the reality you want to live?

Being ready means that you talk about what you want with confidence and without fear. Even if you have not received what you want, you can trust and know that you are in the process of receiving. It helps to affirm for yourself that I AM IN THE PROCESS OF ____, and fill in the blank with your stated desire.

Being ready means that you are in the process of IT, whatever IT is for you. Miracles and manifestation respect movement. If you say you want IT, then you need to be working toward IT- always and in some way.

I have a ten year middle school and elementary math teaching career in my repertoire and I’ve desired to be a college professor. A couple of years ago I applied to PhD programs but I wasn’t accepted. So I took another route and I taught at a community college, but I didn’t like it. Finally I stopped trying to force my dream to come true and I asked myself what I would do and teach as a college professor. I wanted to find a way that I could be in the process of doing it now without a PhD or the prerequisites needed. Suddenly my mind shifted gears and I began thinking of the design of the courses I want to teach and what my students would experience. Why wait until the opportunity presented itself when I could experience it with my imagination now?  I created the curriculum, syllabus and selected the texts. This journey of exploration allowed my mind to enjoy the process of creation (manifesting is fun!).

Recently, a mentor of mine, who is a college instructor asked me to substitute teach a class while he was out of town.  This was seemingly out of the blue, but I know that it was life testing me to see how much in alignment I was with my manifestation.  My response to him was a very calm yes, while my heart screamed “Heck yeah!” I showed up for this opportunity and saw how the vision I laid out was coming into fruition.

Did this manifestation happen the way I thought it would?  No. I was confined to the box of thinking I had to get a PhD and follow a certain route. In order to truly manifest you must break down your box and be open to other ways of it happening.  Embrace the totalities of possibilities and allow yourself to be open to more than you can imagine.

When you see your desires happening in some form, either in your life or in the lives of others, you must recognize, acknowledge and celebrate.  Recognition of the desire shows that you truly are open and receptive to it, and acknowledging it is your way of saying yes to life.  Every expression of gratitude beckons your desire to take another step toward you.

Manifesting is something that you are supposed to do and miracles are things you are supposed to expect.  Never take them for granted, and always be grateful.  You are always in the process of doing something.  Choose to be in the process of always manifesting miracles.

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