Love at first sight? Maybe a lesson instead

Have you ever met someone and felt an immediate connection to that person? Perhaps, you inexplicably felt like you already knew that person even though you never met them before. Or you felt instantly comfortable and the two of you struck of a quick friendship.

In such a situation, many people believe they are experiencing love at first sight. They may think they are drawn to this person because that person is a soulmate and they are meant to be together. Such thinking may be true, but in many cases, the relationship eventually leads to heartache, leading some to wonder whether love at first sight even exists.

What many people call love at first sight could more accurately be called lesson at first sight. Whenever we are drawn to someone and a quick relationship forms, you can bet that you and that other person were meant to share an important lesson.

You’re not feeling such a connection because you are experiencing instant love. Rather, the connection’s purpose is to get the two of you together so that the lesson can be shared.

When people assume that a connection is a sign of love, they sometimes get so caught up in the ideal resolution to the relationship that they don’t notice what is happening in front of them. They may miss the lesson, or the real reason that the connection was there. When you miss the lesson, you often end up having a long and drawn out experience. In fact, it may even be painful.

The next time you meet someone and feel an instant connection, pay attention. Don’t be surprised if this person triggers strong emotions in you or if you trigger strong emotions in the person. Think about what lessons you are being forced to face. Also, acknowledge any patterns of behavior that you are repeating so you can determine whether it is time to break them.

Of course sometimes a strong connection could lead to a lifetime love. Just allow the lesson to unfold without trying to figure it out or to judge it.

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