Help! My vision board makes me feel sad

visionboardVision boards are supposed to make you happy and energized about achieving your goals, right? So if you find yourself feeling impatient or dissatisfied when you look at your vision board, you may feel like something is wrong with you. But that’s not true, and you are not alone if you have those feelings.

Some people find that looking at their vision board every day energizes them. Whenever they see the words and images describing the life they want to live, they are reminded of their dreams and goals and it gives them a boost in whatever efforts they are taking to bring those goals to fruition.

However, others find the opposite to be true. Some people say looking at a vision board only reminds them of the visions that have not come to be yet. They say looking at the vision board leaves them constantly comparing the future they desire to the present life that they have.

If you are one of the people who does not feel energized by a vision board, does that mean you should avoid making a vision board?

There’s no rule that says that vision boards are necessary for manifestation. There are literally dozens of tools you can use to motivate you and help you to imagine and visualize a better future. But if you do like the idea of vision boards, you CAN still find success using a vision ¬†board even if looking at it doesn’t energize you.

There are many people who have had success with vision boards who created the board and then they simply put it away some place where they would not look at it every day. In fact, many said they forgot about it and just went on about their lives.

After some months passed, these people came across their vision boards and looked at them and realized that certain things had come to fruition in the interim. If you are a person who feels impatient about achieving your goals when you look at a vision board, put the board away and tell yourself you will pull it out in six months or a year. The very act of creating the vision board is doing wonders in your subconscious mind, and you may be surprised by how much you have been able to manifest. A vision board kit can walk you through the process.

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