LOA lessons from your car

I’m a huge fan of the Law of Attraction teachings of  Abraham-Hicks, channeled messages from non-physical source energy received by  Esther Hicks.

Abraham often compares our habits of focusing our attention to a driver’s habits when navigating his car.

When you’re driving from one destination to the next, you look out your windshield to focus on where you’re going. But what would happen if the windshield were built in the floor of your vehicle? Abraham asks. That would certainly trip you up. You’d know exactly where you were at this very moment, but the odds of you reaching your destination are slim to none.

Yet many of us navigate our lives in that manner. Rather than focusing on where we’re going, we’re focusing on what is.  According to the Law of Attraction, if we’re so hung up on what is, we’re never going to get to where we’re trying to go.

Another lesson our driving habits can teach us is the power of expectation. When you get in your car to drive someplace, you expect to reach your destination. Even if you’re going someplace that you’ve never been before, you have faith that you have the tools (i.e. your GPS, Mapquest, a cell phone to ask for directions) to get you there. How about applying that same sense of expectation to your life journeys. You might be entering unfamiliar territory, but trust that you have the tools — your beliefs; teachings you’ve digested over the years; a supporting cast of family, friends and strangers who show up at the right time — to reach your destination in life as well.

Yet another lesson we can learn behind the wheel is that sometimes we move fast, while at other times we must slow down. Ever notice how you can be on a highway full of traffic just inching along when suddenly the road just opens up and traffic just seems to flow and you wonder what the holdup was in the first place? And while you had anticipated reaching your destination late, you actually end up getting there right on time? (Of course you never imagined that the holdup would stop you from getting to your destination at all). So what does that mean for us LOA practitioners? It means that even though we might be inching along, the path can just open up at any time, speeding our journey tremendously. And just because things have slowed down doesn’t mean you won’t reach your destination. So don’t give up just as you would not allow a traffic jam to keep you from getting to work.

So the next time you feel frustrated because you don’t feel like you’re moving fast enough, go outside and get in your car and go for a drive. Use your windshield to anticipate what’s coming, know that you’ll arrive to your destination and when traffic slows you down, look around you and enjoy the journey. The traffic will clear and the road will open up just around that bend.


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