Living a day ‘as if’

What if you woke up tomorrow morning with everything you’ve ever wanted in life?

You had perfect health. You had Mitt Romney money — enough  to do anything you wanted to do (plus millions in an offshore account). You were blessed with every type of relationship you’ve ever desired and all of those relationships were healthy and fulfilling. You never had to work another day in your life if you didn’t want to, but for the moment, you were continuing to go to work  because you were helping your employer out while you planned your next move.

How would you spend the free moments in your day? What would you think about? Would you start making plans to open your own business? Would you think about traveling? Would you count your blessings? Would you simply relax and stop worrying? 

Can you go 24 hours living ‘as if’ your dreams had already come true? If you can’t, it’s no wonder that they are dreams and not your reality.

One of the tenets of the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you are. So if you are spending every day thinking like someone who doesn’t have the things that he or she wants, you will continue to attract an experience in which you don’t have what you want. But if you can somehow start to think like someone who already has realized those dreams, you’ll find that your physical reality will catch up to your forward-thinking mindset.

Of course it’s not always easy to change how you think. But you can start in little doses. If you can’t go 24 hours living ‘as if,’ try one hour, or even 15 minutes.

Window-shop as if you were a millionaire and could buy anything you wanted if you chose to.

Walk down the street as if the love of your life was back home waiting for you.

Fill out that job application as if you didn’t need any job but were simply exploring different ways to spend your days. 

Notice how you feel when you try on these thoughts. Pay attention to how people treat you. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference. Try to hold onto these thoughts for as long as possible. The more you get into the mindset of someone who has already realized their dreams, the better you’ll feel and the less time you’ll spend worrying. That, in itself, will spark a monumental change in your life.


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